Jason Speer
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Jason serves as President of Quality Float Works, Inc., the premier manufacturer of metal float balls, valves and assemblies that level liquid controls throughout the oil, gas, plumbing and agriculture industries. In 2003, Jason launched the Quality Float Valve division capitalizing on a market need he identified abroad by providing float valve assemblies to developing nations. In the spring of 2011, under Speer’s leadership, the company expanded its reach further with the launch a new distribution center located in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) to serve their growing international customer base. Under his leadership, total sales have increased 200% while international sales have increased from 3% to 33% over the past decade; this record-setting international growth in the 98-year history of the company (founded in 1915). Today, Quality Float Works, Inc. exports its products throughout Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Jason has been active in the public policy process for many years working to ensure a pro-growth, pro-manufacturing climate. He broke the mold becoming the first small business manufacturing member to serve on the National Association of Manufacturers Public Affairs Committee, the nation’s largest and most prominent manufacturing trade association. In 2007, he became a charter member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Corporate Leadership Advisory Committee as well as continued service on the Chamber’s Public Affairs Committee. In 2008, Jason’s passion for public service and leadership skills culminated in his appointment to The Manufacturing Council by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. In this capacity, he provides advice to the Secretary regarding the implementation of the President’s Manufacturing Initiative and other related matters. During his first term, Jason served as the sole representative from Illinois and one of the few small business manufacturers to serve on the prestigious 14-member council. He was one of five members to be reappointed in 2010 for another two-year term on the growing council now consisting of 24 leaders of the domestic manufacturing sector who represent a broad cross section of U.S. industry.

Active at the local level as well, in 2007, Jason was elected and served a four-year term as Trustee for the Village of Streamwood, IL. He lent his business expertise to the Village board advocating for lower taxes and fiscal restraint with taxpayer dollars. In addition to formerly holding public office, he is active with countless local business, community and environmental organizations.

A fourth generation entrepreneur, Jason has a passion for innovation and is constantly exploring new opportunities. Over the past few years, he identified a market niche for a product which ultimately led him to establishing a new Sunflower Seed Processing Plant, Oil Float, Ltd. The Ukrainian based facility accepted its first order in October of 2012. Currently serving a highly concentrated Middle Eastern client base, Jason ultimately has plans for meeting the growing demand for healthier alternatives to traditional oils in North America and Europe.

Jason Speer’s professional and personal achievements have been featured by state and national media outlets. Features include national television programs such as CNN with Lou Dobbs, ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson, CBS Evening News and PBS’ Nightly Business Report. He has also appeared on Chicago area television and radio programs and featured in top business publications such as USA Today, Fortune Small Business, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, China Business Review, Bloomberg News,, CNN, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business, Chicago Daily Herald, Illinois Manufacturer, Business Reporter, Live American Dining and Travel, Pioneer Press Publications and Examiner Publications.

Jason and his wife Ruth have two children, Esther and Nicolas, and live in Streamwood, Illinois.