Quality Float Works Officially Recognized as Veteran-Friendly Business

Quality Float Works, Inc. Vice President and General Manager, Jason Speer, joined Governor Quinn this morning to support the launch of the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium (IHHC), an innovative new program designed to recruit Veterans and identify Veteran-friendly businesses. Quality Float Works has been a long-time proponent of hiring Veterans to join their workforce. Through Speer’s participation in today’s event, Quality cheap oakley sunglasses Float Works has signed a pledge acknowledging the company is an Illinois employer recognizing the great value veterans bring to the workplace, and is a “veteran-friendly” business committing to implement military veteran recruitment, training and retention practices. The Consortium is geared towards increasing public attention and employer commitment to helping Veterans find employment. Participating business members will also benefit from partnering with this resource in hiring some of the most dedicated and skilled employees available.

“Veterans represent the best of all of us and are the perfect match for our workforce needs,” said Jason Speer, Vice President and General Manager of Quality Float Works, Inc. “Veterans have typically had significant experience with technology operating complex equipment, these skills are critical in working on the advanced manufacturing equipment that exists in manufacturing plants across America. I speak from experience in that Veterans tend to embody the types of skills we are looking for in new hires. Quality Float Works is very excited to be part of this innovative program.”

According to the IHHC website, participating business owners agree to implement a series of Veteran recruitment, training and retention practices. The Illinois Department of http://www.oakleyonorder.com/ Veterans Affairs (IDVA) and Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) will assist participants in meeting goals that will lead employers to recruit and retain high-quality veteran candidates. Employers will be publicly recognized by Governor Pat Quinn and will be allowed to use the Illinois Hires Heroes logo to market themselves as veteran-friendly. To qualify, employers must meet specific goals with regard to recruiting practices, human resource training and retention and support practices. Business can register at www.illinoishiresheroes.com