Jason Speer to Testify Before Congress Regarding Future of Employee Retirement Plans

Jason Speer, Vice President and General Manager, Quality Float Works, Inc. has been tapped to testify before the U.S. House Small Business Committee on Wednesday, February 25th at 1:00 pm (EDT) to discuss the challenges facing small business in maintaining employees’ 401(k) plans during the Ray Ban outlet tough economy. Speer was recommended by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to testify as his company offers a strong 401(k) plan providing a maximum 4% match to their employees. Speer, a fourth generation manufacturer, has been a driving force in turning Quality Float Works, Inc. into an award winning manufacturing company experiencing record revenue growth despite these tough economic times.

“Many of our employees are worried about their retirement and how this impacts their families and futures,” Speer said. “I am honored to speak on behalf of small business owners and their employees to make sure our concerns are heard loud and clear before Congress.”