President of Quality Float Works to Lead Illinois Workforce Development

Sandra Westlund-Deenihan, President, Quality Float Works, Inc. will attend the graduation ceremony and following job fair for the newest class of Minneapolis “M-Powered” students on April 12, 2007. Her visit to Minnesota marks the beginning of a new era of training and development for Illinois’ manufacturing industry. Sandra will travel to Minnesota on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers and the Tooling and Manufacturing Association to learn about its successful statewide workforce development plan.

A Business Champion and pioneer in workforce development, Sandra actively supports the Minnesota manufacturing initiative, the “M-Powered” project. The program has demonstrated huge success in its efforts to prepare future manufacturers for successful careers in the industry. The workforce development cheap oakley sunglasses initiative was employed to increase productivity and improve training mechanisms within the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, it has drawn awareness to the increasing number of high paying and highly skilled positions in manufacturing. Sandra will travel to Minnesota to study the success of the program in hopes of implementing the “M-Powered” approach her home state of Illinois.

The “M-Powered” project educates primarily low-income individuals, many with limited job experience, to prepare them to embark on successful careers in the manufacturing industry. By taking part in 12-week industry-specific courses, students of the “M-Powered” Project work to meet the criteria for successful job placement in the manufacturing industry. The program is funded by The Hitachi Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation through the Center for Workforce Success of the National Association of Manufacturers and the Precision Metalforming Association.

Sandra Westlund-Deenihan serves as President of Schaumburg-based Quality Float Works, Inc., a manufacturing company that produces metal float balls that are used in a wide variety of industries such as gas, oil and plumbing. Sandra was recently appointed as the only woman to sit on the Tooling and Manufacturing Association’s Board of Directors. In her seat, Sandra has vowed to improve workforce development in the manufacturing industries.

“One of my priorities will revolve around the need to attract more skilled workers to the manufacturing industry,” Sandra explained of her new position. “It is a necessary step in making the U.S. manufacturing industry competitive in a global marketplace.” Her upcoming trip to Minnesota promises to be an extremely beneficial learning experience. By studying the “M-Powered” Project, Sandra hopes to gather the necessary information to renew the workforce development initiative in Illinois and continue the trend of revitalizing employment opportunities within the manufacturing industry.